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I design a unique learning experience that engages, motivates and boosts students’ progress two or more times faster than in a classroom environment. Lessons are personalized to the student’s interests, learning style and fluency level.

My name is Michal Lucent. I was born and raised in Israel. For several years, I have been teaching and tutoring Hebrew at religious schools and to private students in the Bay Area. Currently, I tutor Hebrew and teach Jewish studies and Hebrew at Congregation Beth Jacob (Redwood City) and at Congregation Beth David (Saratoga). I also taught at Congregation Beth Am and at Yavneh Day School. I’m excited to teach Hebrew and inspire students to strengthen a connection to Israel. I love working with children of all ages, from K to 12th grade, and help them feel and be successful.


I create a supportive, relaxed and engaging learning environment. Students of all ages are challenged, focused and inspired. They love my lessons and enjoy studying.


My students learn through varied activities, creative materials and educational games that I have developed into a unique learning technique.


I help students feel and be successful in their learning. I build a close relationship with parents and provide frequent and detailed progress reports of their child's work.

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Personalized and engaging educational experience

Lessons are customized to individual interests, learning style and fluency level. Students learn to decode nikkud (vowels) and read in a fun and relaxed educational setting. Lessons are designed to achieve parents’ and students’ goals.

Ivrit b’Ivrit: Reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary

Designed for Hebrew-speaking students and local Israeli kids, lessons focus on modern Hebrew, phrases, expressions, ktav (cursive), spelling and grammar. Curriculum is derived from current Israeli school books and proprietary materials.

Modern and Rabbinical Hebrew Literacy

Students gain Modern Hebrew literacy from contemporary materials using a rich curriculum of stories, fables, technology and scientific subjects. Students acquire heritage Hebrew skills from religious texts, biblical stories, blessings, prayers and songs.

Jewish holidays and Israeli culture

We study Jewish holidays, symbols, blessings, songs, traditions, food and artifacts; holiday celebrations and customs here and in Israel; Jewish life in Israel and non-religious holidays, such as Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalaim.

BirthRight trips and study in Israel

High school and college students learn day-to-day Hebrew skills in preparation for study in Israel or for taking BirthRight trips. Students learn spoken Hebrew, practical vocabulary, phrases, expressions and Israeli customs.

B’mitzvah: Preparation of b’nai mitzvah

B’nai mitzvah learn to confidently read their haftara and Torah portion. They learn the literal and contextual translation of words and sentences. Students are motivated to work on personalized activities derived from their haftara portion.

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